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eg. register domain, create email.


Do you offer free domain name registration?

Free domain name registration is available with our shared hosting plan when you subscribe for a full year.

How do I backup my website?

In cPanel, you have the option to backup your entire website, or just your database, in a few clicks. You can then download the backup to your local computer.

How much disk space does my website need?

Disk space usage requirements will differ among websites. If your websites has lots of pictures or videos you will need more storage. Based on our experience, over 90% of website use less than 10GB disk space.

How do I upload my website?

You can upload your website to our servers through FTP or through cPanel. Access details to both are provided in your welcome email. You can forward those details to your web designer for them to help you upload the website files if needed.

How do I set up my own email (

Using cPanel, it is easy to create your own email address at your domain. You will be able to access it through webmail or using your preferred mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc.). If you need further assistance, please open a ticket for us to help you.

Can I host multiple websites on my shared hosting account?

Yes, our shared hosting account can host 5 to unlimited domain names and websites.

Advanced Topics

Is SSH access available with your shared hosting plans?

SSH access is not allowed on shared hosting plan. If you require SSH access, please consider our cloud hosting or dedicated hosting packages.

What are your domain name servers?

HostGamma has different domain name servers for each of its locations. You will receive the DNS that apply to your account in your welcome email once you place the order.

I use G Suite/Microsoft 365 for my business email. Can I only host the website with you?

Yes, you can set up your DNS records so that only the website uses HostGamma, without any change to your email system. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Do you comply with DMCA take down requests?

Yes, as we maintain servers in the United States, we will comply to valid DMCA requests.

Can you host adult websites?

Websites with legal adult content can be hosted on our Netherlands servers only.

Can I send my own server to your datacenter?

At current time, we do not offer server colocation services.

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